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Ekonomitalo Housing Company is located on an island, in the suburb of Lauttasaari, Helsinki. The site provides information in Finnish about the past, present and future of the dwelling house.

Ekonomitalo Housing Company, designed by architects Ahti and Esko Korhonen in 1952, in an entity comprising three red-brick terraced houses, two four-storey apartment houses and a joint sauna and laundry building for the entire block. The complex is a magnificent example of pleasant and cosy garden city-like living.

Ekonomitalo Housing Company was originally founded by young economists, who had graduated from Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration (Kauppakorkeakoulu) at the end of the 1940s. They wanted to build the houses for themselves and their families and participated actively in the decision making and interior design of the houses.

A common yard with a big open lawn and a joint play area, completely free from traffic, is integrated into the environment giving the whole complex a uniform appearance and providing the residents with facilities for social interaction between people, a feeling of security, and families with children with an ideal environment. The rewarded garden was designed by Nils H Orénto in 1953.

The terraced houses and the yard are protected in the city plan as an architecturally and culturally valuable entity.

(translation Marja-Liisa Mäkinen)